More Communication

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The devs could really make use of a more public communication system, whether through monthly dev logs or a discord progress channel. So far, a lot of issues and criticism that the game has faced is a result from a lack of clear communication with the PoT community. Sure, devs do occasionally talk in general discord channels, but from the amount of times you see the same people in those chats, it should be very clear that a majority of people don’t read through it all, and as a result miss those brief bits of info from developers. Public test, while also being updated pretty regularly, is also locked off from a huge portion of the community unless paid for. Devs also have a habit of not writing everything down in patch notes, which can really hamper experiences if it’s an unexpected stat change or would-be bug. Having a specific spot where people can see the development of mechanics and overall progress, changes, or even community polls could help ease some worries about PoT’s future.

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Comments: 1