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Add the option to filter the chat more thoroughly, through blacklisting, meaning you will not see any message containing blacklisted words, phrases, or letter types.

Character types, such as Cyrillic letters, to limit message spam in a language you do not understand. I suggest blacklisting for this as I imagine blocking out an entire language would be a lot of work.
Trigger words, such as slurs, especially if you do not want to use the profanity filter.
Location names, to avoid knowing where other people are.
Controversial topics, to avoid getting caught in arguments.

Blacklists could be toggled to not be active in group/local chats.
This could also be expanded to whitelisting, where words contained in your whitelist are highlighted to you, such as your name or a topic you are interested in.

Lists may need to be limited to presets, such as languages, or have an upper limit, such as a maximum of 20 black/white-listed words.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Quality of Life (QOL) Suggested by: Anonymous Upvoted: 04 Nov, '21 Comments: 0

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