Fix/Edit Map Point of Interest Areas

A few updates ago, many POIS had their areas changed Smaller POIs have been effectively removed from the map by being absorbed into larger POIs nearby, some were way too large, and some are in the wrong place
I suggest bringing back old POI areas by editing the current ones, along with adding new POIs to areas that are unique enough now that they could justify having a name and possibly new quests
Take Traveler's Basin for example. In the current demo it extends nearly out to Cliffside Pit and Threehorn Grasslands to the East. It should be reduced to the area just surrounding the lake, and the area by the beech forest should be turned into a new POI, Dead Forest.
Others, like Red River, are in entirely the wrong place and don't align with the part of the map that they were named after. Ones like these should be fixed to properly cover their original area.
More of these edits are in the map attached
Some old POIs are missing bc I'd think they have no reason to be re-added besides names

Under consideration Game Bug or Crash Map Feedback Suggested by: Burnt Cheeto Upvoted: 11 Nov, '21 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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