Rain Water Quality Buff

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Water quality is in my opinion too harsh at this time. I know the devs implemented it to try and promote map movement but it frankly isn't working. And it heavily punishes many playables to the point they are being hard forced into diet options that slow their water drains (fat reserves) and discourages use of diets that give a faster water drain (scavenger). This is primarily due to how scarce water is. And it's only going to get worse as we're only at 100 player server, not the planned 200. I'd like to see rain's water restore be buffed to actually mean something. At this time, it rains for an absurdly long time but it makes very little actual difference to many water sources, giving too little water. While I do not know how much water is restored per rain storm, I'd like to see it buffed to around a flat rate of between 10K to 20K units. Spino for reference, credits to Burnt Cheeto for finding this and the attached map, takes over 1K units of water to fill up.

Under consideration Map Feedback Quality of Life (QOL) Suggested by: ChasCT2 Upvoted: 26 May Comments: 7

Comments: 7