Dino-suggestion : Acrocanthosaurus

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-Species: A.atokensis

-Size: 5.7 to 7 Tons
-Length: 10-11meters

-Quick description:
Large carcharodontosaurid
Sturdy and muscular legs adapted for endurance and long distance travels
Serrated teeth, typical of bleeder theropods

-Niche: very large carnivore (between Rex and Pycno)

Bleeder and endurance hunter
Use sheer power against smaller opponents, but rely on it's bleed and special abilities against larger ones

Very endurant
High bleed damage
Decent walking speed

Low running speed
Limited raw damage

-Possible abilities:
"Tearing hold"
Bite the targets then pulls it's jaws backwards to tear the target's flesh
Bonus damage and bleed
Takes increased backclash damage when using this attack
Stamina cost: High

"Screeching roar"
Intimidation debuff Lowering the affected creature's damage for a short period of time
Affect all animals in front of the player not part of his group
Range: 30-33 meters (3 times it's own length)
Cooldown: Long

Under consideration New Creature Suggested by: Erectar Upvoted: 15 Feb Comments: 3

Comments: 3