Creature Suggestion: Scelidosaurus

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Name: Scelidosaurus
Species: S.harrisonii (balanced), S. rugosus (+defense+attack-speed), S.velox (+speed,-defense)
Description: Scelidosaurus is a small, basal thyreophoran from the Early Jurassic period, located in what is now England. It is notable for its rows of osteoderms and body proportions.
Relatively slow for its size (likely closer to Ceratosaurus)
Well armored
Immune to venom, highly resistant to bleed
Passive bleed damage: Attacking it inflicts a low bleed debuff to the attacker, causing them to bleed lightly. More prominent on smaller targets
Tail swing (deals light damage and knockback)
Shoulder bash (moderate damage and knockback)
Bite (very low damage, light bleed)
Escapist (greatly increases speed and turning speed, reduces damage and defense)
Fat Reserves
Striker (increases damage, reduces defense)
Thick Scales
Thin Hide
Defensive Crouch (like Anodontosaurus)
More abilities would be added as time goes on

Under consideration New Creature Suggested by: Spooqi Upvoted: 27 Jan Comments: 0

Comments: 0