Kulindadromeus Playable

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Name: Kulindadromeus

Species: Zabaikalicus (Real, Balanced), Lonificus (Fictional, +Speed -Defense)

Species Classes: Neornithis appearance would be smooth and slicked back feathers, while Longificus would have a much fluffier and more streamlined appearance.

Description: Kuli was a small bipedal herbivorous Ornithschian, equipped with short forlimbs, powerful backlimbs, and sharp but tough claws. Fossil impressions show that Kuli's tail was untethered and covered in ridge like scales thought to be exclusive to therapods. It is theorized that Kuli burrowed but is not confirmed. Kuli fossils were discovered in Russia.

Pros: Quick turns with amazing juke potential. Best precise movement. Burrowing, allowing it to avoid most predators, save for the occasional juvenile Deinonychus or Microraptor swarm. Able to dig up roots and tubers effectively allowing it to grow its own food

Cons: Fast metabolism. Gets 1 tapped by anything outside of its weightless. Not very fast. No combat prowess

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Comments: 1

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