Climbing on other animals

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My suggestion is to use the collision system to give some species the ability to climb on other animal's hitbox instead of bouncing on it

I'm thinking mostly about future additions for this feature, "Microraptor" being the main one : as it will naturally be able to climb trees, it would make sense that it could also use it's climbing skills to climb onto other animal's backs
This could open new possibilities for microraptor, like "cleaner" talents, allowing them to groom large herbivores, eating parasites and insects ; or simply to escape from larger predators by hiding on an herbivore's back.
The target would, however be able to shake it off the same way as you would shake off a pouncing raptor

This feature could also be applied for small dromeosaurids as well by giving it to them as an unlockable "talent" that would allow them to do so, but it would be mostly a way to reposition themselves after latching on with their "Pounce", in order to reach a more "critical" spot to damage

Under consideration Creature Abilities Suggested by: Erectar Upvoted: 12 Sep Comments: 2

Comments: 2