Eotrike Balance

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Eotrike is a pure tank that dishes out high levels of damage and currently takes down what were the strongest dinos in the roster (iggy, spino and cheirus) with ease.

However at the same time Eo is able to run at speeds fast enough to catch up to concas and the only thing holding it back is slower heal than most and lowish stamina.

One simple way to balance this would be just plainly nerfing its speed so its yet another slow tank herbi.

Another possible way I've thought of is giving it almost a sort of built in charge. The way it would work is:
--> Eo would recieve a slight nerf to its speed which would put it at about speed daspleto at its highest on flat terrain
--> Eo would then get a slow startup similar to how struthi needs time to get to full speed however Eo would only have its max speed during the last 2-5 seconds of its stamina
--> Eo could then get an ability for "legs" that would decrease the time needed to reach max speed
--> The faster the Eo goes the worse the turning

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Forcesness Upvoted: 16 Apr Comments: 4

Comments: 4