Increase insect food source spawns or tweak insectivore diet stats

The insectivore diet for Deinonychus and Struthiomimus is really nice and one of my favourite ways to play, however the food/water drain feels too high, taking into consideration of how rare and difficult to spot ant hills, termite mounds, and insect flowers are. If these food sources were made more common, or the food drain tweaked a little, I think it could feel a lot more rewarding to play.
At the moment you're encouraged to stay in one location once you find food and water, especially since the food sources replenish quickly so are rarely depleted, and home caves are difficult for these creatures, as staying in your cave for even just 5 minutes can make your food dangerously low.

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Sma Viking Upvoted: 29 Sep Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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