Prices of marks on everything

I am, so incredibly tired of Path of titans and its farming system. We had already had to adapt to spending about 10 hours to farm an albino/mela skin, for a single character species. Then we got the new ability system, which is equally as hard to get all the abilites as some of the higher tier skins.
Then this new update comes out, home caves. Neat mechanic, i personally love decorating houses and making nice looking characters in games that have character creation.
However, many people are sick and tired of some of these pre-release prices, and personally even after release, why would i spend 4 hours getting enough marks to decorate and buying a single room? in a house that i lose hunger in? in a game that i can lose 25% of 4000 marks in a ambush situation?
I rest my case, PoT just isnt worth it for me anymore, i may still play but im ignoring home caves and possibly, abilities unless they give me an unfair advantage for not having them.

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