Footprint improvements for better tracking and variety

Since some players use footprints for tracking I think it would be nice to polish the system. Crouching and/or walking could be silent and not leave footprints or leave lighter footprints. Walking on rocks, logs, and other materials wouldnt leave footprints but sand and mud would leave more visible footprints that are easier to see.

To make footprints easier to see maybe some (every X footprints or randomly) could have certain details that are easier to spot in the forest floor, maybe a lighter color or some kind of particle effects (this would only happen if you are running) Shedding could also make footprints easier to see.

Also making footprints fade away overtime instead of disappearing instantly after a few seconds would be a nice touch and would help with longer distances if you are tracking someone.

Basically, these are just some ideas I had for footprints but the feedback is basically that I feel like footprints could be something more important and since scent isnt planned.

Under consideration Game Art and Animation Quality of Life (QOL) Suggested by: Sergi Upvoted: 27 Aug Comments: 0

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