Uniformising Ability Icons

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I Love the New Ability system but i found some Issues.

Sometimes, a specific ability icon works/got different effect between dinos :
- Concavenator Claw (5 second couldown apply bleed) and Metricanthosaurus Claw (1 second couldown without bleed) share the same icon.
- Spino & Sucho Claw (1 second couldown apply damages + bleed) and Deinocheirus Claw (1 second couldown but only raw damages) share the same icon.
- A Lot of Hide ability got Different icon but works the Same.

I Suggest a Specific ability icon to work exactly the same for every dino that share it.
- Grey Hide : Standart
- Red Hide : Defense
- Green Hide : Lightweight
- Blue Hide : Streamlined

Under consideration Creature Abilities Game Art and Animation Suggested by: CarBo_1993 Upvoted: 20 Jan Comments: 0

Comments: 0