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Name: Balaur

Species: B. Bondoc, B. (Fictional), B. (Fictional)

Species Classes:
B. B (Normal), B. ? (Speed), B. ?? (Defense)

Balaur was a 2 meter-long flightless bird which lived on Hatzeg Island.

- High speed and agility.
- Unusually proficient swimmer, can rest on water.
- Wide diet choices.
- Powerful bleed.
- Fast trot.
- Low stamina.
- Low defense.
- High metabolism.
- Low base damage.
- Low acceleration.
- LMB: Bite: Low damage, high bleed, 1-second cooldown.
- RMB: Climb: The Balaur latches onto a tree and can sit on branches.
- (Whatever): Leaping Glide: The Balaur may launch itself and will fall at a slowed rate.
- (Also, whatever): Pounce: The Balaur pins anything equal to or less than its own size and bites with normal attacks, uses a great amount of stamina. There is a 50% chance of the pinned creature hitting the Balaur with random strikes but each strike has lowered damage.

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