Styracosaurus model tweaks

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Ever since albertaceratops released I've noticed some problems with styracosaurus, mainly the head, which consist of having really large eyes, lack of eyebrow horns, small beak, short horn and extremely large nose, these problems may not sound that bad, but when you compare styracosaurus model to albertaceratops you can start noticing the obvious anatomy and quality difference, thats why I propose model tweaks for styracosaurus, making it more realistic while also unifying the art styles.

The suggested changes are:
-Smaller nose and larger beak
-thinner nasal horn
-smaller eyes
-addition of the eyebrow horns
-added more variety between frill horns, akin to irl styracosaurus individual variation (on this case base subspecies would be based on S. albertensis, defense on S. ovatus and speed on Stellasaurus)

I feel these simple changes would help improve sty's model and put it on par when it comes to quality and style with the new/improved models such as iggy, stego, chei, etc.

Under consideration Game Art and Animation Suggested by: MartinX Upvoted: 22 Nov Comments: 4

Comments: 4