Scleromochlus as AI

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Name: Scleromochlus(AI)

Species: Taylori

Description: Scleromochlus is a small member of the archosauriformes from the late triassic. Although it looks similar to dinosaurs it isnt one. It was about 18cm (7.1 in) long. It used its hindlegs in a similar way modern member of jaculus( sry I dont know the exact english name for those mice).
Scientists Think that Pterosaurs evolved from creatures that would resamble Scleromochlus.

In game: In game Scleromochlus would be a small carnivore that would prey on insects and small lizards. Maybe even newborn dinos. Because of its strong hindlegs it could move very fast with long jumps. It would also be nocturnal (which means it only spawns at night).

Pros: one of the fastest creature in the game, much stamina, nocturnal,

Cons: If caught by a predator like Deino or Micro no Chance of surviving because of very low health, almost no damage against targets that are bigger than itself, slow walking speed due to its long legs

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