Sharovipteryx as AI

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Name: Sharovipteryx (AI)

Species: Mirabilis

Description: Sharovipteryx was a member of Protosauria and lived during the middle to late triassic in central Asia. It is estimated to have a length of about 40 cm. Between its Hindlegs Sharovipteryx has had a membrane that was used to glide from tree to tree like modern flying dragons (Draco).

In game: In game Sharovipteryx would be a small tree climbing insectivore, it wouldn’t be much of a threat to any other Dinosaur, it would only be on the ground when it has to drink, it would be one of the primary food sources for Microraptor or Rhamphorhynchus

Pros: hard to catch for animals that can’t climb trees, gives not much food so big animals shouldn't be interested in catching it

Cons: very low Health, because of its “wings” Sharovipteryx can't run very quickly it's only escape options is gliding away when in a tree or climbing onto a tree when on the ground

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