Give Alio Bleed and a Buff

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I want to get into talking about one of the issues I have surrounding a dino I had once mained, the Alioramus. I loved this dinosaur with all my heart at one point and felt it was completely underrated and underused. Now it truly isn't even a dino worth using past just for looks. I genuinely want to know where the decision came from to take down its damage. I've seen more people talk about Alio needing bleed, a buff in general, and instead you take away its damage and render it almost useless. Please, while I'm not a begging person, I beg now for you to reconsider this decision, give Alio more damage, give it the bleed it once had in the PTB. Alio needs the love, not to keep being brushed off to the side. I want to be able to use my main dino again and actually feel like I'll have a chance of surviving instead of where it's sitting at now. (Photo courtesy of my friend)

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Dyitra Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 22

Comments: 22