Kryptops Suggestion

Name: Kryptops


Description: Kryptops is a genus of abelisaurid theropod dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous of Niger of the Elrhaz formation. Kryptops was about 6–7 m (19.7–23.0 ft).

Pros: Kryptops has good stamina, Being able to run for days. But it was kinda slow. Kryptops was also a good trotter. It also packs a punch, Having good raw damage but it bleed damage kinda sucks.

Cons: Kryptops was basically helpless in the water. Having slow swim speed and stamina draining fast. It has a bad resistance to fall damage and bone break. Although Kryptops has good stamina, It stamina recovery was slow. Leaving it vurable to attacks from others.

Other: Kryptops playstyle is a pursuit/scout. Doing well in groups and able to chase things for days. Kryptops has its own unique ability. Kryptops "Cookies Cutter Bite". This ability leaves a weak point that will take more damage.

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