Stegosaurus abilities

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Type of suggestion: Ability

Suggestion: abilities for stego

Charged tail swipe - tail (extra slot) - in order to use this attack you have to hold down the attack button the longer you hold it the more damage you will deal (the damage has a cap so it doesn’t 1 shot spino if you hold it long enough)
**Stamina cost**: 5% **cooldown**: 3 seconds
Cost: 1600

Armored scales - Hide - gain increased Defense and bleed resistance at the cost of stamina and speed
Cost: 1200 marks

WarCry - vocal - Increase Raw damage by 30% for self and group members for 0:50 seconds
Stamina cost: 25% cooldown: 2:30 minutes
Cost: 2000 marks

Reasoning: stegosaurus lacks abilities

Under consideration Creature Abilities Suggested by: Cockroach Upvoted: 22 Nov, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1