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Name: Atlasaurus

Species: imelakei

Species classes: imelakei: balanced
altithorax: defense species with shorter hind limbs and a bulkier body
naimi: speed with a thinner body and longer legs

Description: Atlasaurus was very large at an estimated 15 meters in length and 17 tons in weight.

Pros: Atlasaurus has very high health and attack. Atlasaurus is surprisingly fast and can run nearly as fast as ceratosaurus along with having pretty good stamina similar to stegosaurus. Atlasaurus can reach food no other creatures can allowing it to stay out of competition with other herbivores if it wants to.

Cons: atlasaurus doesn't have good stamina and health regen along with having to stop to attack. Atlasaurus can be taken down by large packs. Atlasaurus cannot swim at all. Atlasaurus attacks have long cooldowns. Atlasaurus has horrible turn while running.

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Comments: 1